Japchae & Big Bowls

Japchae & Big Bowls

Made this yummy bowl of Japchae a few days ago for lunch.


It was SOOOO YUMMY!  I am a firm follower of all things Maangchi, so I used this recipe.

I made a few alterations — only veggies (no beef), extra mushrooms (cuz I like ’em), and a bit of extra sesame seeds (again, cuz I like ’em).

SOOO good and super filling.

For those of you that aren’t Point.Five.Korean, or are but (shamefully) haven’t tried this dish — DO IT!  It’s a great all in one dish that can be jazzed up or tweaked to accommodate Vegetarians (carrot eaters), meat lovers (sane people), or anyone following a restricted diet.

It’s also great warm, room temperature, or chilled — making it a great thing on these 100++ degree days where the heat and humidity make your face melt off.

Also please note the size of the bowl…  Yeah … those carrot pieces are about two inches long.  I like big bowls and I cannot lie.

Knowing full well my passion for big bowls, my mother-in-law recently found me two big bowls – both white, one round and one square.  I used the round one for my Japchae in the photo.  She’s great like that :D.

Why big bowls?

Growing up half korean, there were always a variety of bowl sizes in my house.  Super small condiment/side dish/banchan bowls.  Super huge mixing bowls.  Super Deluxe Extra Big Kimchi making bowls.  All kinds of bowls.  Some with lids, some without.  Some with intricate patterns, some plain white.  Some heavy, some light.  Some made of metal, some made of wood, some made of “shatter-proof” ceramic.  (What a lie! More on that in another post).

When it came time to eat a meal that I particularly liked, I made sure to reach for the biggest bowl I could find.

This love for big bowls filled with my favorite foods has rolled over into my adulthood.  Big bowls of popcorn.  Monstrous salads.  Humongous batches of bibimbop.

Big bowl lovin’ comes complete with a preference for one bowl dishes.  Anything that can be tossed together and munched on is a huge win in my house.

Do you love a big bowl when you see one?

What’s your favorite “one bowl” dish/recipe?

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