Kimchi Sweats

Kimchi Sweats

I ran this morning… even though it’s so hot out! It didn’t feel bad at first, but then about ten minutes into the run it started — the KIMCHI SWEATS!

What are Kimchi sweats you say? Well it’s a special kind of perspiration that starts out as a red face, transitions into a glistening layer of moisture on your nose, and finally climaxes in every single pore spilling gallons of the salty stuff in unrelenting currents!!

They are called Kimchi sweats because my mom likes spicy foods but usually needs a sports towel to mop her face and neck as she eats… (There’s also a special way to breathe, apparently, similar to “the food’s too hot” or lamaze… but that’s another phenomenon entirely)

I inherited both the love of spicy foods and the kimchi sweats.

Seriously, this is a real thing! If you don’t believe me, go to a Korean restaurant… a REAL Korean restaurant… and watch the natives eat! It needs to be a real Korean restaurant to spot the Kimchi Sweats. Not some hipster, L.A.-esque, “Korean barbecue”… I’m talking the kind of place where you’re not sure if English is understood and once you order there’s yelling in Korean in the kitchen. You’ll find the Kimchi Sweats there… just wait, you’ll see!

As a self proclaimed and unafraid Kimchi Sweater — I often sweat like a hog. This didn’t used to be such a bad thing. I grew up in the midwest where summers weren’t too hot or too long, so the Kimchi Sweat season was super short. Sadly, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade in the south *gulp* where its rarely cold *sniff sniff*. It’s a shame really.

Living in the south means I had to get used to phrases like, “fixin to”, “ya’ll hush”, “I might could”, and “sweet tea”. I also had to get used to suffering through Kimchi Sweats just for stepping outside the AC — for about ten months out of the year.

Currently, it’s partly sunny, 79 degrees with 80% humidity, at 6 am — and it’ll easy get to 100 today, if not higher.

Since it’s clear that I sweat like a running wildebeest even in the coolest coldest weather — hydration is going to be a focus for today.


Do you suffer from the Kimchi Sweats?  No Shame here — be proud of your hard earned perspiration!!!

Have you seen native Korean Mom’s in their natural habitat?  Wiping away their Kimchi Sweat between bites of Kimchi Jigae?

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