Sunrise Run

Sunrise Run

Morning Run – 2.5 miles total, 25 min run easy pace with a walking warm up and a walking cool down.

At Sunrise… *sigh*

I love running first thing in the morning!  It’s cooler, there’s no one around, and the sun isn’t beating down on me.  It was a gorgeous run this morning!

When I first started running, I wasn’t too into waking up early.  At the time, I had a job that meant early mornings at the copier — so running beforehand didn’t make much sense.  Instead, i would run when I finished working — around 3pm, the hottest time of day.  I always felt really sluggish and slow and horrible.  I’m glad I converted to an early morning runner!

Once I got my miles in, I walked the doggie and stretched a bit.

Tad bit worried that my left knee is starting to act up, again… hoping it’s nothing a good bit of stretching won’t fix.

Training Progress Report:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.20.43 AM

This run makes the last run of week 7.  Next week I plan on incorporating more stretches and some weight training… here’s hoping I don’t bite off more than I can chew!  I still had to push myself to keep my pace up.  To help, I made a few playlists at various BPM’s… I’ll post these soon.

When is your favorite time of day for running/working out?

Leave a comment/reply below of great running songs!  *I’ll update my playlists*

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