Watermelon Love

Watermelon Love

This is how I prepare watermelon for my family or my face…

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.14.26 AM

As you can probably tell, it’s a methodical and careful preparation — takes years of practice and a long list of knife skills and training.  I’m kind of a big deal…


This giant chunk (which is about a quarter of a melon) represents how I like my watermelon — fresh, easy, and in large quantities!

Carry over from growing up Point.Five.Korean.  My Korean Mom would do this for us kids.   She’d take a giant melon, whack it a few times with a cleaver, stick a fork in each piece, and carry on with her day.  The rind would act as a serving dish, but she’d also sometimes give us a bowl to catch the juices as we ate.

It’s my favorite thing!

Now that I’m grown, I carry on the tradition of giant chunks of melon with my own family.  Sadly, hubby doesn’t share my addiction to melon, so I usually just pass him a few bites as I chomp down on mine.

Just writing this post has made me want some!!– gonna go find a cleaver and a nice cold melon!

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