Naked Run — No gear here!

Naked Run — No gear here!

This morning I attempted my first “naked run” — naked meaning I was stripped of my GPS (couldn’t look at it until the end), iphone, and ipod.  No music or audiobook to listen to, no gadget to fiddle with, and no phone to *ping* reminding me of emails to answer.  It was just me and the pavement.

I have to say, I was first terrified of this!  “What if I get bored?”  “How will I know how fast to run?”  “What about my beautiful Garmin??”


I love my Garmin — it was a birthday present from my loving hubby and I obsess over it!  It feeds my obsession with numbers and data!

This beauty is the purple Garmin Forerunner 220 – and I love it!

Thoughts while running “naked”:

  • wow it’s quiet this morning
  • are those birds going to attack me?!?
  • *thump thump, squish squish* I like the different textures of pavement/ground and the sound effects
  • omg is that a homeless person?
  • AH!! Car!  *phew they turned*
  • Why would people speed past a runner at 6 AM?
  • Lots of traffic so early, poor folks must have a long commute to work
  • **Singing random song that goes along with cadence**
  • 12 * 560 = 10 * 560 + 2 *500 + 2* 60 = 5600 + 1000 + 120 = 6720   ==> Yes I love math, so I do computations in my head!
  • Then some Treadmill math ==> 5 mph means 12 min mile, 2.5 mph means 24 min mile, etc…


  • I like running naked!
  • I thought the time flew by and I was able to enjoy more of the little things.
  • I’m a numbers freak
  • It was definitely a challenge *I kept wanting to check my gear* but worth it!

What gear do you use on runs?

Have you tried running gear free?

Thanks for reading!!

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