21 Day fix – Days 3, 4, & 5

21 Day fix – Days 3, 4, & 5

So, I wanted to share what I’ve been eating — in the hopes that (1) it’ll keep me accountable, (2) it’ll help me record meals in case I want to look back and I can’t remember on my own, and (3) maybe gets some new ideas for meal planning!

I’ve already shared my first two day’s meals:  Monday’s is here and Tuesday’s is here, so I’ll start with Day 3 and then move on to days 4 and 5.

Day 3 – Wednesday July 1st — Ran in the morning

Breakfast – Protein Latte

Snack 1 — 2 slice turkey bacon, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 slice toast (dry), + cherries

Lunch — Tuna Salad Salad with Wheat Crackers  (I make a healthy Tuna salad mustard & plain nonfat greek yogurt instead of mayo — then eat that on top of a salad of baby greens and romaine)

Snack 2 — Cucumber slices

Dinner — Turkey Taco salad with salsa and chips (to be 21 day fix approved chips, use cut corn tortillas and bake until crispy)

Snack 3 — Watermelon for dessert

Day 4 — Thursday July 2nd — Pilates Fix!

Breakfast — Ezekiel Toast!

Snack 1 — Protein Lattee + Watermelon

Lunch — Salmon, salad, broccoli, and 1 breadstick (Olive Garden lunch!!)

Snack 2 — Watermelon

Dinner — Broccoli/Cheese stuffed chicken breast with Rice & Green Beans

Snack — Watermelon

Day 5 — Friday June 3rd — Run!

Breakfast — Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham, Turkey bacon, Toast & PB

Snack — Strawberries with Shredded Coconut + Coffee

Lunch — Turkey Taco salad with chips, guac, and salsa

Snack — Watermelon

Dinner — Korean Bulgogi with rice, salad, and cucumber slices  (I tweaked Maangchi’s recipe to be more 21 day fix friendly)

Snack — Watermleon

So far — I’ve been having a great week!  Today’s the 4th of July, so we’ll see what fireworks are in store for me today! 😀

What have you been eating?

Do you have any tips, tricks, or favorite meals for the 21 day fix??

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