Cheat Days?  Good Or Bad?

Cheat Days?  Good Or Bad?

So here I am, proud participant of the 21 day fix!  I’m trucking right along, minding my own business, when “BAM!” — cravings kick in.  It’s the 4th of July and everyone is enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs, and all things “naughty”.

Who am I to resist such temptation!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I am a die hard weight watchers lover, mostly because of the flexibility that the plan offers.  The 21 day fix provides guidance for portion control and clean eating.  I’m dedicated to a combination of the two — but for this week, every day has been a 21 day fix day.  

Instead of willing away the cravings and risking a binge later, I decided that as long as I stayed within my weight watchers points (not using any of the weekly bonus points) — then I would allow myself one Cheat Meal — and that’s all.

I decided on a chicken sandwich, a half portion of frenhch fries, and a chocolate frosty for dessert!  

I also enjoyed a movie night with hubby and took the day off as a rest day.  
That was yesterday — This is today.
Today, I’m fighting the feelings of guilt and shame.  Why did I have a cheat meal?  Is my whole plan going to crash and burn now?  How will this affect my training???
I’m reminded of a devotional that talked about “embracing the grace”.   That we shouldn’t pour energy into condemning ourselves — and instead should extend the same grace we would extend to others.  

In this same devotional, the author discusses how embracing health is embracing grace.  The body we have now is just a snapshot of choices made in the past and that our energy shouldn’t be spent on obsessing over bad choices.  Instead, we should learn from mistakes — recover — and move forward so that all future “snapshots” will be better.  
Here’s to moving on.

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