Week 8 of Training — DONE!

Week 8 of Training — DONE!

Week 8’s stats:

  • Lost 4 pounds
  • Running total 8.2 miles
  • Included cross training: Upper Body w/ Weights, Pilates, & Yoga

That’s right!  8 weeks of training under my belt!  The time flew by!  

I’m currently working through 26 weeks of training with the end goal of a full marathon.  Today makes the start of week 9 of training and marks the last week of the first “phase” of training.  For week 9, I’ll be running two 30 minute runs and a long run of 3 miles.

At this point, I can run a 5K without stopping, at a pretty even pace (though I’m not worrying about pace, just finishing!!).

After this week, I will transition to four runs a week and follow this plan from Fitness magazine.  I’ve never done it before but I like how it sketches out each day including rest days, cross training, easy runs, and long runs.

Half Marathon training

After this 8 week program, I’ll run a half-marathon and then transition to training for a full marathon.  The third segment of my training is the longest segment and since I’ve never run a half or a full marathon before, I made sure to leave some wiggle room for recovery days and transitional days.

But how’s the whole diet thing going?

Today also marks week 2 of my 21 day fix experience.  It’s “my time of the month”, so this weekend (being a holiday, being hormonal, and being the emotional eater that I am) was a rough one for me… BUT  I’m proud to say that I only allowed myself 1 cheat meal all week — and the rest was on the plan!

My body definitely gets used to eating clean almost right away — and then I pay dearly when I don’t eat clean.  The cheat meal was NOT worth it!  My tummy is still working through some issues and my morning run suffered because of stomach pain.

Noting my struggle, I will plan 3 “treats” this week — which is recommended in the 21 day fix.  Doing this means I swap some containers for treats… which is better than cheating!  Last week, I was so gung-ho that I tried to eat perfectly every single day.  This was too much, too fast… so instead of being all or nothing (which is my natural inclination), I’ll try moderation and compromise.

I’ll keep posting my progress, thoughts, and any updates…

How did you do this week?

Did you have any trials or triumphs?

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