This week’s Meal Prep

This week’s Meal Prep

This week, I’ll by switching to Chocolate protein powder for my protein latte — it’ll be more like a MOCHA protein latte… MMMmmmm…


To plan for this week’s meals, I start with dinner and try to use up what’s left in my kitchen as well as keep things interesting by not repeating meals.  Here’s what I’ve planned so far:

Monday — Grilled Salmon Salad (at our favorite restaurant, DATE NIGHT)

Tuesday — Turkey Meatloaf with Baked sweet potatoes and veggies

Wednesday — Clean Chicken Nuggets with oven fries and steamed veggies

Thursday — Sausage and peppers with veggie “hash”

Friday — Healthy Hamburger Helper + green beans from our garden!

Saturday — Beef Burgers (without the goat cheese) + Oven fries and veggies

Sunday — “Poor Man’s Prime Rib” with broccoli and cheese stuffed potatoes

From there, I plug in the lunches, which are usually leftovers of the previous night’s dinners or a plan for eating on campus or at work.

Monday — Protein Latte & Crackers with PB

Tuesday — Wet Jerk Chicken, Rice Pilaf, and salad (at work)

Wednesday — Leftover meatloaf, baked potatoes, and veggies

Thursday — Grilled chicken, salad, veggies, mashed potatoes (at work)

Friday — Leftover sausage and peppers with extra veg

Saturday —  Leftover Hamburger Helper

Sunday — Grilled chicken salad

To finish up the week’s menu/meal plan, I just have to plug in snacks and breakfast — I do this to use up any containers not used for breakfast and lunch.  This way, I know that I won’t “over eat” a container at breakfast that’ll have to be missed at dinner.


Monday — Breakfast burrito

Tuesday — Cinnamon apple oatmeals

Wednesday — Ezekiel Toast

Thursday — Chocolate PB oatmeal

Friday — Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

Saturday — Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Watermelon

Sunday — Ezekiel Toast


Monday — Cherries/Cheese stick/Watermelon

Tuesday –Protein shake / Ranch dip with celery/ Watermelon

Wednesday — Protein Shake, watermelon/ Greek yogurt with berries/ Broccoli & Cheese

Thursday — Protein shake, watermelon/ Greek yogurt with berries/ watermelon

Friday — Protein shake, watermelon/ Greek yogurt with berries/ carrots with PB

Saturday — Coffee w/ fruit/ greek yogurt + berries/ carrots and PB

Sunday — Protein shake, watermelon/ Greek yogurt with berries/ Carrots with PB

I have a feeling that by next week, I’ll need to change up my breakfasts and snacks as well as my lunches and dinners so here’s a few ideas for next week:

Veggie Frittata, hummus and veggies, smoothies, 21 day fix pancakes, breakfast “cookies”, and maybe some new dips… Hmm…

Any ideas for ways to spice up my menu?

How do you meal plan?

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