Eight weeks of rewards

Eight weeks of rewards

After yesterday’s treat day, I went to sleep feeling fully spoiled and content.

Small indulgences (not having to cook lunch, Starbucks, pie) really added up to a great day!!

My morning run today reflected it!  I felt relaxed and kept a slow steady pace. I was able to push it at the end without feeling exhausted.  What a difference a day made!

Monday’s run was agony and I ended up stopping to walk a few steps during it. Today’s run was completely different. Smooth and exhilarating!  I ran the whole time except once to avoid being crushed by a garbage truck.

So this led me down a train of thought – should every Tuesday be treat day?  Should I allow myself weekly small indulgences to pamper myself along the way?

Eight weeks of rewards or “treats” may include:

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • New nail color
  • New lip gloss
  • New running socks
  • New running shorts
  • New running tanks
  • Starbucks
  • Redbox movie
  • Naps!!!!
  • New book either audio or ebook
  • New headphones
  • Dove chocolate bar
  • Hubby cooking dinner!

We’ll have to see what ways I can treat myself without over indulging, but I definitely feel that a hard week of training should be rewarded!!

Do you reward your hard efforts?

What are your favorite treats??

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