Ha!  Get it??

Thirst day??

Tee hee!!  ^_^

My focus today is hydration of course! I’ll be doing some research into race day hydration as well as sharing what I plan for my own liquid needs.

Here’s what I plan to drink today:

  • Water!!  Lots of ice and water — this adorable Mason jar jug is a 32 ounce double wall insulated vessel. I downed one of these with my chocolate Pb oatmeal this morning and will have another two before the day is out.

  • Mocha protein latte — even though I’m using my trust shakeology cup, I’m using a blender bottle ball inside and EAS lean 15 chocolate protein powder. Yeah I know…

  • Another one of these bad boys — A Passion Tango Iced Tea from Starbucks.  Unsweetened and only tea.  They have both sweetened and iced tea w/ lemonade version, but I didn’t want to add any carbs/sugar so I stuck with plan ‘ol iced tea.

What are you drinking today??

How do you hydrate on race day??

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