Battling the “I don’t wanna!”

Battling the “I don’t wanna!”

This weird thing happens to me more often that I’m comfortable admitting.  This little voice inside of me starts screaming, “I don’t wanna!” whenever I have any adulting to do.  It takes everything I am to keep moving forward, with the cranky toddler glaring at me with a mean but tiny scrunched up face and tightly crossed arms.  

This toddler, which I refer to as “Brat Girl”, often objects to paying bills, completing chores, or working out.  Brat Girl would rather lay on the couch watching movies, eating pizza and Milk Duds, and relaxing the day away.

Responsibilities are for the birds.  Adulting is for the birds.

Today’s battle:

This morning was a tough one.  Brat Girl didn’t wanna go for a run.  Brat Girl didn’t wanna get out of bed!  Brat Girl didn’t wanna be awake!!

While normally I jump out of bed, suit up, and head off for my run, this morning was decidedly different.  I snoozed and ignored the alarm and back up alarm.  I just knew I could get more sleep.  You see, when I checked the weather last night, the hourly report called for rain and thunderstorms for most of the morning and most of the evening.  The last few thoughts before I drifted to sleep were about rescheduling my runs for Tuesday instead of Monday and preparing myself for the potential boredom of a treadmill run.

As I peeled my eyes open and wiped this sleep away this morning, I listened for rain on the roof.  All I heard was the occasional breeze.  I crawled out of bed and peeked out the window — not a drop of rain in sight.

Realizing I could get my run in, I change and prep for this week’s training.  On the docket was a 2 mile walk, 1 mile run, and 2 mile walk — totaling 5 miles.  Originally, I had wanted to walk the first two miles with hubby to help pass the time.  Hubby was not feeling it, so I took the dog instead.

It was so hot and humid!  Snoozing and sleeping in those few extra minutes didn’t offer any rest and meant I had to deal with the sun fully up and heating the asphalt beneath me.  Mental note: just get up, it’s not worth it to sleep for a few extra minutes!

My doggy didn’t make it the full 2 mile walk, so I had to carry him like a football for a quarter mile here and there.  He’d only get excited when other dogs were passing by.  Second mental note: doggy is not a good walking/running companion!

It took me over 90 minutes to complete the 2 mile walk, 1 mile run, 2 mile walk workout scheduled for today.  I blame poor hydration, heat/humidity, and battling my doggy for the first chunk.

Tips for battling your own Brat Girl/Boy and the ever present “I don’t wanna!”

  1. Don’t over think it!
    1. I can’t stress this enough.  If you start thinking, you’ll start with excuses and rationalizing ways out of whatever you have to do.  Also, your brain is Brat Girl’s turf, so she has home field advantage in your thoughts!
    2. Since Brat Girl is really a part of me, Freud would say the struggle is really between my own Id and Ego.  The Id wants whats to avoid discomfort and lean towards comfort.  (My bed is comfy and running would mean going out into the head and grunting out a few miles).  The Ego, my rational brain, argues that health and strength outweigh temporary comfort.
  2. Get your body moving!
    1. Bodies at rest stay at rest.  Bodies in motion are more likely to stay in motion!
    2. If you’re already out of bed, in the car, at the gym, etc… your inner Brat Girl would have to contend with the additional chore of returning to bed, home, etc… in order to relax.  It would be easier, in a sense, to just get on with it rather than avoid your workout/run/chores.

Putting the “I don’t wanna!” to work for me!

What I learned from this workout is that:

  1. This workout repeats later this week (Friday) and I know I can complete it in under 90 minutes!
  2. I can still run!!  In spite of everything, I was happy with my 1 mile run time, which was closer to my half-marathon pace!
  3. The snooze button is never worth it!

Stretching it out:

Before dinner tonight, I’m going to get a good stretch in.  My legs are tight from the upped mileage today, so stretching will feel so good!!

Meal plan today:

  • Protein Latte + Banana
  • Bibimbop — with leftover Poor Man’s Prime Rib, veggies, and kimchi with Rice!
  • Cantaloupe
  • Greek yogurt + Honey and seeds
  • Chicken stir fry
  • Baby Carrots and Peanut butter

What are your workout goals for today?

How do you battle the “I don’t wanna”?

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