Tuesday = Treat Day #2!

Tuesday = Treat Day #2!

Tuesday’s Treats:

  • Today’s treats will be a repeat of my favorites — Lunch at work (no packing or dishes for me!) and Starbucks for an Iced tea — YUM!


  • Later today, I will treat myself to a NAP!  I’m exhausted both from the heat and waking up too early after going to sleep too late.  I’m also a nap convert — I used to be dead against napping, viewing them as a “waste” of time, since it’s not productive time.  Then I read a few articles — found here, here and here —  about the importance of rest and how it’s very American to be sleep deprived… and I changed my mind.  I try to view it as investing time instead of wasting time.  Much like investing money to later profit, naps help you invest your time to get more energy later.  While it’s true that time spent napping could be spent doing other things and being “productive”, my new napping philosophy is about QUALITY not QUANTITY.  In other words, napping means my evening hours are quality time for working, running, working out, reading, etc… Where they used to be spent half-asleep on the couch or in front of the computer screen!
  • Arm day instead of gym day!  My treat tonight will be an arm day workout in the comfort of my living room (after a nap) instead of staying later at work to hit the gym.  This means I get to (1) go home earlier from work, (2) squeeze in a nap, and (3) complete my favorite workout!  *I love arm days!*

A few Random Thoughts:

  • This morning I had someone ask me about my church life — and while I’m not one to discuss this openly, I shared a little about my past.  My father was raised Roman Catholic (alter boy and everything!).  His family was devote when he was growing up but have tapered a great deal throughout his adult life.  My mother’s past is a bit more murky — I would call her more spiritual than religious — but she converted when she met and married my dad.  Currently, they are not what I would call “church goers”.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time they went to church…  I feel that this definitely shaped who I am today and what views I hold.  I also feel that my spiritual walk still has a few twists and turns left in it, but I’m happy with where I’m headed.
  • No one lays on the guilt better than a Korean mom that is also a Catholic.  Just saying…

Where are you in your spiritual walk?

How will you treat yourself today?

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