Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

This week marks the first week of Half Marathon Training — a transition from the couch to 5K training to a new 4 day per week training plan.  (See below, I’m using this plan from Fitness Magazine).

Half Marathon training

Here’s how my week went:

My week’s overview via MapMyRun.com.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.51.48 AM

  • Monday’s workout – 2 mile walk, 1 mile run, 2 mile walk
    • it should be noted that I walked my dog for the first 2 miles — which meant carrying him for over a mile because he’s a lazy turd — I carried him like a 15lb football and then dropped him off at home to complete the rest of the workout.
    • It was HOT!  93 degrees and super humid.  Notes for next time — bring WATER!  I hate carrying anything with me when it’s hot and humid, I’m too afraid that it’ll slip out of my hands.  Maybe I’ll try stashing a bottle somewhere on my route so I can hydrate without having to carry?
    • This run was done first thing in the morning, so I hadn’t eaten anything.  This usually isn’t a problem for me, as my runs are relatively short, but on this day I definitely needed a little something…
  • Wednesday’s Workout – 1 mile easy
    • This was a fun one for me.  The weather was hot, but since I was only doing a mile I didn’t stress it too much.  I made sure to do a dynamic warmup.
  • Saturday’s Workout – 2 mile walk, 1 mile run, 2 mile walk
    • Having one of these under my belt helped with the mental aspect.
    • I vowed not to bring the doggy along, but then ended up bringing the dog and hubby for the last 2 miles.  They didn’t make it the whole way — both of them were hot, sweaty, and miserable by the first half mile so I finished this portion out alone
  • Sunday’s Workout – 2 mile long run
    • Another Humid one!  77 degrees with 93% humidity.  It was so humid, all of our windows were foggy!   Humidity is harder for me than actual heat.  If it’s a dry heat, I’ll sweat and actually feel recharged.  When it’s humid, I sweat and sweat and sweat with no relief — as a result I feel disgusting and sluggish.  (Maybe soggy is the better word.)
    • Started this run with the same dynamic warmup and felt ready to go.
    • A quarter of a mile in, my calves felt super tight — have to remember to stretch my calves more purposefully before my next run.
    • The last half mile or so, I felt some discomfort in my left foot — I noted this and kept going.  It wasn’t a stabbing or sharp pain, more of a sore muscle pain so I’ll stretch it and check on it later tonight.

Plan for Today:

Shower, breakfast, church, grocery shopping.

Recovery Yoga – http://www.runnersworld.com/runners-world-yoga-center/class-4-recovery-yoga

Then maybe hanging with some friends!?!

I also plan to SLEEP IN tomorrow!!  I’m very excited!  Why?  I switched my running days to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday — earlier than I had originally planned due to a heat wave that’s hitting my area.  This way, I can use the treadmills at work for the Tuesday/Thursday runs and only have to beat the heat at Saturday/Sunday when there is considerably less traffic in my neighborhood.  I’ll keep you posted of any other changes.

What was your week like?

What’s your plan for today?

How do you beat the heat?  Hydrate mid-run?

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