Treadmill Workout == Zone out!

Treadmill Workout == Zone out!

Treadmill workout today

Today’s scheduled workout was 2 mile walk, 2 mile run, and 2 mile walk — based on my awesome 8 week half marathon training plan!

While I had originally planned to run outside and even went to the length of mapping out routes, testing for shady streets, and prepping a water bottle — an alert on my phone brought this plan to a screeching halt.  Heat Advisory!!

So I regrouped and thought of a plan — I’ll run on a treadmill at the gym at my work!

This lead to some thoughts I’ll share below…

Treadmill Pro’s:

  • No need to watch for traffic
  • Temperature controlled room, with FANS!
  • Can have water handy
  • Can have sweat towel handy **because I sweat like a wildebeest**
  • Can watch TV, listen to podcast/audiobook on LOUD, or jam out to some amazing playlists
  • Speed control!  I’ve been obsessed with my pace lately…

Treadmill Con’s:

  • When fans are off, no air circulates and this feels suffocating!
  • Boring!
  • Harder on my joints than road running (since I incorporate trails/grass/etc…)
  • Other people walking back and forth in front of you, invading your personal space, while speaking loudly to the friends they are “training” are inescapable!  No matter how FAST you run!  When I’m annoyed by people on my road runs, I can just bump up the pace and run away from them!


Today’s treadmill run was actually a really enjoyable experience — except the last mile because of the last bullet… ugh.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 6.00.04 PM

The treadmill’s clock looped back to 00:00 after 99 minutes, so my actual stats are:

Time: 106:34  OR  1 hour, 46 mins, 34 seconds — I’m actually proud of this!  4 miles were spent walking (around 20 min/mi pace since it was an “easy walk”) and 2 miles were an easy run (about 13 – 15 min/mi pace, pushing it at times).

Distance: 6 miles  (because 2+2+2 = 6… ^_^ I love math)

Calories:  697 according to my mechanical friend, but since I didn’t enter my weight/height/gender this wasn’t accurate.  Out of curiosity I went to a website that calculates these things… and I found out that I burned something more like 1,000 calories.  BOOYAH!  FACE!

Do you run on treadmills, roads, or trails?  

Do you have a favorite?  

Post a reply/comment and share your last run!

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