20 Top Horror Films on Netflix

20 Top Horror Films on Netflix

Netflix Love!

Netflix is my obsession!  I love being able to binge watch my favorite TV shows without commercials.  I’m so spoiled by Netflix that when I do watch actual live TV, I get frustrated at how long each commercial break is!  (But I mean really, 5 minutes of commercials is like an eternity!!)

I also love Horror movies, Scary Movies, and Thrillers — as long as it’s the middle of the day!  ^_^

So when my friend posted about the 20 Top Horror Films on Netflix, I took it as a dare to watch them all this summer.  Unfortunately, binge watching movies is little trickier since I am working/running this summer so instead I’ll have to settle for watching a few and then watching a few more.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • Odd Thomas — This kid has an unusual talent!  This movie had a touch of sci-fi that was really fun!  Liked it!

  • The Canal — This movie was just creepy enough to make me shudder!  Old timey movies, old haunted houses, murder, mystery, this movie has it all!

  • Housebound — This movie was truly unexpected, in a good way!  Haunted house movie with a twist.

  • Extraterrestrial — Not really a scary movie (and the main actress is less than talented) but a fun SciFi flick

  • The Rites of Spring — Just weird… don’t know if it’s worth watching again…

  • The Taking of Deborah Logan — LOVE IT!  Super scary!  Lots of jump scares and old lady craziness!

  • The Babadook — MY FAVORITE from the list so far!  So creepy and scary and perfect!!!  WATCH this one NOW!

Up Next:

I’m not sure which movie from the list will strike my fancy for my next horror movie session… I’ll have to keep you posted!

What are you watching?  

What are your thoughts about these movies?  

Which movie do you recommend?

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