21 Day fix Round 2!

21 Day fix Round 2!

21 day fix Round 1 PRO’s:

  • Weight loss results:  -5 pounds
  • Inches results:  -4 inches
  • Non-scale victories — mile time is faster, clothes fit better, arms look more toned

21 day fix Round 1 CON’s:

  • Didn’t plan in enough 21 day fix approved treats, so felt deprived
  • Live interfered with ability to be consistent!!
  • Last week of the fix wasn’t as clean as it could’ve been!

Plan for Round 2:

  • Incorporate 21 day fix approved Treats weekly!
  • Plan 21 fix meals/workouts into life instead of around it — have to make it more of a part of my day instead of something I do before my day starts or after my day is done
  • Get Hubby on board — it’s so much harder in the weak moments when Hubby is eating my favorite comfort foods.  With him on board, it’ll be the two of us together!
  • Will participate in an accountability group for this round — going to be faithful to my group mates!

What are your plans for the next 3 weeks?  

Are you training/lifting or eating clean?  

How were your last 3 weeks?  

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