Change of Plans

Change of Plans

21 Day fix…

So just a few days ago, the plan for my hubby and I was all 21 day fix.  Realistically, the 21 day fix is something sustainable, clean, and “real food” centered.  I can easily plan meals around healthy choices and make sure I’m maintaining balance this way.  Though we are both still health & fitness focused, we’re doing our own version of the 21 day fix — in a more reasonable way (that incorporates treats as well as clean eating) so we can follow it for far longer.

We are still incorporating fitness regularly — hubby likes to lift and ride bikes and I’m all about lifting and training for my Half-Marathon.

Weight Watchers?

As I mentioned quick above, hubby and I are doing our own thing.  We’re branching out and taking everything we’ve learned from previous nutritionist, diets, research, and doctors and paving our own way.  This means no more paying monthly fees for weight watchers!! AMEN!

Luckily, if we ever felt called back to such a program, there are plenty of free resources out there!  From calorie counters to portion trackers… the works!  (Gotta love Pinterest!)

So what are you doing?

Stay tuned for more information on how we’re proceeding… but here are some of the things we are incorporating:

  • Mindful eating — actually feeling hunger, then embracing each bite of food, and once we feel full we stop
  • Whole-foods/Clean-eating –We wanted to eliminate feelings of strictness or limitations (since that made us want to binge!!), so we are filling our fridge with foods that clean, whole, and real.  We are limiting junk food (while still allowing an occasional indulgence – since again, we want to avoid binging!)  In those few cases, we’ll monitor calorie intake to ensure a treat doesn’t spiral into a problem
  • Fueling Focus — with training on the forefront of our minds, menu planning has turned in to more of a fueling plan.  We’ve been choosing foods that pack a punch… without leaving us sluggish or run down or bloated


Even though it’s only been about a week since hubby and I forged ahead with our new plan, we’ve already shown massive results!  By not feeling pressured to eat a certain way, we actually stop when we’re full!! We’ve only eaten when we were hungry and our focus has been on each other!  😀

Hubby’s scale showed a 9 pound loss (surely from water weight, but STILL!)

My scale hasn’t shown anything so dramatic, but I’ll take every loss I can get!

As far as Non-scale victories, we have a few:

  • We’ve saved $40 this month on Weight Watchers fees!!! AMEN!
  • Hubby added 15 mins to each cardio session without even realizing it!
  • We’ve started talking at meals again — instead of obsessing over each and every bite!
  • I was able to up my pace on my most recent 3 mile run (without realizing it!)

Okay, so some of those NSV’s could be because of training — but I’m happy with where we’re headed.  Anything that brings us closer together is a good thing!

What are you doing for nutrition/weight loss?  

Do you follow your own rules or do you follow a diet/plan?  

What are your most recent Non-scale victories?

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