First five miler in years

First five miler in years

My morning long run was a five miler today. When I first opened my eyes, I audibly groaned. 

I just didn’t think I could do five miles!  I mean I’m out of shape, aren’t I?  I’m overweight, aren’t I?  I’m no runner!

As I laced up my shoes and chugged some water, I donned my best “determination face” and head out. 

After walking for five minutes and warming up, I set out. I decide to run a slower pace than normal.  Slower than comfortable with a cadence between 140 and 150 bpm. 

The first mile felt amazing. I felt strong – like I could keep going forever.  

Before I realized it, I had clicked away a few more miles and reached my turn around point – still feeling strong. 

For the last mile and a half or so, I decided to push for negative splits.  I pushed my pace up and didn’t start feeling the burn until I had less than a quarter mile left to go. 

The last leg required more determination but knowing it was almost over made it so doable!  I finished strong and felt so proud.

I ran five miles without stopping and I can do more!
So what’s the moral of the story?  The hardest part was heading out the door – fighting the negative self thoughts. 

In the future I will remember that I can do this. I can run __ miles. I -am a runner, because I choose to run!!
What negative thoughts do you fight?

How do you get motivated to lace up and head out?

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