How do fears affect us?

How do fears affect us?

There are lots of things to be afraid of in this world.  In fact, if we didn’t act on a daily dose of denial – we’d cease to function. 

I’m not in denial!

We have to be in denial otherwise each and every second of our days would mean crippling and debilitating anxiety. After all, we are surrounded by things that could kill us!

  • Driving in a car means we are propelling our bodies forward at speeds that could dismember us on impact
  • Eating foods means we could be poisoning ourselves unknowingly 
  • Walking next to strangers means we could be opening ourselves up to being mugged or murdered!!!

Scary isn’t it?  

Not to mention all the other fears that plague us.  

But fear can be good. 

Fear can be motivating. If one isn’t so afraid that the stop functioning, they could be just motivated enough to act. If we were never afraid, most of us would be content to stay the way we are. 
Finding that balance

Our Rational brains can help us find that balance of we let them.  The rational side of ourselves is the problem solver. 

  • If you’re afraid of the dark, your rational brain may guide you to purchase a night light – problem solved. 
  • If you’re afraid of strangers, your rational brain might think to invite a friend on your errands 
  • If you’re afraid of going broke, your rational brain may help you budget and save. 

Fear and running

Lately I’ve experienced a lot of running related fear. Fear of failure mostly. 

My training plan is ambitious and pushes me to my limits.  I’m afraid I won’t measure up when the time comes. 

My rational brain isn’t helping much here as of yet, so I’ll take it one day at a time and try my best. 
What are your running fears?

How do you cope with anxiety?

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