Incline work

Incline work

I’ve done my homework!

In my previous post, Training for Race Day ElevationI mentioned how I plan on incorporating hills in my training to properly prep for my Half Marathon.  This is in order to avoid the pain that comes with training flat and racing hilly!

I set out to create a treadmill workout that would incorporate hills like I will see on race day.

Behold, MATH!  Running math…  This is scratch work so ignore the messy nature of my scribbles.  I just wanted to plot out the mileage, denote incline or decline, the net change in elevation in feet, and what that would correspond to on the treadmill.


Turning Scratch Work into Workout

My next step was to turn this into a treadmill workout.  I used nicer increments (quarter mile instead of .22 miles, etc…) and rounding for incline for simplicity.  One benefit to these hills will be that this workout will definitely be INTERESTING!

  • This plan is for a 1-3-1 (walk/run/walk) workout for Tuesday.  I alternated between flat and elevated while including the steepest portions of the course (incline of 7) as well as the less steep portions.Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.28.40 PM
  • This plan is for an easy 5 miler for Thursday

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.32.57 PM

I’ll post an update on how next week goes… stay tuned!

How do you prep for workouts?  

Do you have any “go to” treadmill hill training workouts?  

Do you have any hill training tips?

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