Cool Breeze & Creepy Barns

Cool Breeze & Creepy Barns

Cool Breeze

This morning was the first one in a LONG time where the temperature was below 70 to start.  It was 68-69 by 7am, which was an amazing gift!!

On top of the cool temps — there was this great cool breeze that kept me going even after I hit my wall.

So thankful for the little things!

Creepy Barns

My run this morning was a 6.5 mile long run – easy pace.  I planned my run around old country roads that had lots of straight aways and lots of shade.

As I rounded a corner about 2.5 miles in, the tree line broke and I could see three or four creepy old barns over the horizon.  It was at once creepy and awe-inspiring.  My mind raced with questions:

  • How long have these buildings been there?
  • Who built them?
  • Are they still in use?
  • Are they as feeble as they look?

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.07.52 AM

I’m grateful for anything that distracts me on these long runs.  Today’s was really a killer.  I started out too fast (enjoying the coolness and the breeze a bit too much) so the last 2 miles were a bummer.  I had to really push through the ending but was proud of my results!

I will spend the rest of the day recovering, stretching, and resting!  Love these Sundays!!

What are you up to today?

Do you have any creepy barns by you?

What sights do you see on your runs?  

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