Week 4 of half marathon training

Week 4 of half marathon training

Four weeks!!  We have reached the halfway point! 


Progress report

This weeks runs were all outdoors and a little later in the morning to get some heat training in. I was blessed by cool weather on my long run day!

Here’s what I had scheduled for this week:

  • Tuesday – 1 mile walk 4 mile run 1 mile walk. On this day I ran two miles instead of four and had pasta in my stomach.  Not good!  Ended up throwing up – I was reminded of the scene in Band of Brothers when the mean drill sergeant fed his men a huge pasta dinner and then made them run in full gear up a 20 mile hill. Ugh. 
  • Thursday – four miles easy.  This run felt good.  I was able to run out at a good pace without feeling exhausted.  
  • Saturday – rested instead of racking up more miles
  • Sunday – 6.5 miles at an easy conversational pace.  Pushed this one a bit too much and felt wasted!  

Goals for this week

  • Try including different fuel and hydration strategies on long run
  • Try new shoes!!!

How were your runs this week?

How is your training going?

Do you fuel and/or hydrate mid-run?

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