New Shoes

New Shoes

What happened to the old ones?

After 400+ miles, a few holes, duck tape repairs, and wearing down the treads to nothing…it was time to retire my trusty Saucony ProGrid 3’s.


They are retired by not out of the game.  I will use them for walking the dog and maybe even some short runs… but not for the majority of my training.

New Shoes!

After a bit of consideration and deliberation, I decided on Mizuno Wave Creation 15’s — on sale online for about $90.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

new shotes

How do they Fit?

My old Saucony’s were a size 8.5 — which is close to what I wear with normal shoes (I vary from 8 to 9 depending on type, heel height, etc…).  My toes felt cramped, which was a super bummer whenever I ran hills.  By the time I got to the downhill portion of any hill, my piggies were smashed right up into the toe box.

I also wore holes where my big toe hit the toe box and where my pinky toe hit the side of the shoe.  A little duct tape on the inside helped keep my toes contained, but enough was enough.

My Mizuno’s are a full size larger than my Saucony’s for two reasons.  (1.)  No more squished toes and (2.) to better accommodate thicker running socks — which will hopefully prevent toe holes!  Bonus — if my feet swell, there will be room!

First run:

My first run in the new shoes was a 1-3-1 walk-run-walk on a treadmill at they gym.  I included some hills, some easy miles, and a few quarter miles at tempo.

Between the cushy new socks and the roomy new shoes, my feet felt GREAT!

As always, I’ll keep you posted with how my love affair with Mizuno is going.

What are you running in?  

What type of fit works best for you?

Do you go up a half or a full size in your running shoes?

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