8 miles!

8 miles!

Just a quick post today because I ran 8 miles this morning. 
Without stopping!  I’m so exhausted but proud but very tired. 
It’s that good kind of tired and sore where I know I worked hard. 

Some quick notes about my run:

  • New shoes felt great!
  • Brought a honey Sammie cut into bites for mid run fuel – worked really well!
  • Carried a water bottle but will definitely need to find a refill station on my route 
  • Sunny but cooler this morning. Such a great morning for a run
  • Felt stronger than last weeks 6.5 but didn’t push it – let if be a slow and easy run 

Phew.  Now for stretching and napping!!

What’s on your plate today?

How long is your run this weekend?

How do you recover from a long run?

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