Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Early to Rise

Being an early riser has always meant I get to start my day with some quiet time.  Hubby and puppy prefer to sleep in until 9 AM or later and my biological clock is wired to be up as early as 5 AM.

This means that I regularly get a handful of hours to myself.  I use this time to have a cup of coffee, catch up on the news, read a few blog posts, or to write.  Sometimes I use this time to make myself a hearty breakfast — which I’m thinking is definitely warranted today… (mmm… bacon…)

Inherited Traits

I definitely inherited my early bird traits from my dad.  He has always gotten up extremely early (3 or 4 am) and gone into work as early as 5 AM.  He’s been a contracted employee, so he has the freedom to make his own hours.  As long as he finishes his projects and works 8 hours, he’s free to come and go as he pleases.  This means his early 5AM start lets him work mostly uninterrupted and in complete solitude for up to four hours — half his day!  It also means that he’s able to finish up and head home by 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

When I was school aged, this was great!  My dad would be up and out before we left for school, but back home before we arrived home for the day.  He would help us with our homework, chat about the day, and help us complete chores.

He also is the King of naps — every day he’d take a nap.  We just knew it was nap time before dinner time for him.

Quiet Time with Dad

When I go home to visit, my favorite times are the early mornings with my dad.  We have the TV on news on low and each have our cup of coffee.  We’ll have whispered conversations — mostly trying to make each other laugh while the other shushes and points out that “people are sleeping”.

My mother and father in law are also early risers, so when I go to visit I’m blessed with time spent with them.  While he’s a strong silent type, he likes the news in the morning just like my dad.  She’s a chatter like me, so the three of us have our own dynamic — along with anyone else that’s up — that’s comfortable and familiar and fun!

Back to School

This time of year is bitter sweet.  It’s back to school time, which means that my mornings will be earlier and earlier.  Early morning hustle and bustle can be felt by all students, parents, and educators alike.   As an educator, I start working hours before the students come — so my quiet time is interrupted with work.  Somehow early morning work isn’t the same as watching the news and relaxing…

I’m going to enjoy this morning and try to soak up as much quiet time as I can, while I can…

How do you find quiet time?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

When do you/your kids go back to school?

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