New Notebooks

New Notebooks

Office Supply Love

I have a huge love for all things office supplies!  I love pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, paper, notebooks, binders, post it notes — the works!

Office supply stores are my favorite and sometimes I’ll go to one a buy a little something just for a treat!

I know — I’m a nerd, but I’m not alone!  More and more of my friends admit to their similar obsession with office supplies.  Great minds think alike!

Growing up Point Five Korean

As the middle child and second daughter, hand-me-downs were my life.  My Korean Mother was sensible and didn’t “waste money” on buying new items when the old ones were still “perfectly good”.  She also wouldn’t spend money on anything that she could get for free.

This means my childhood was plagued by old stuff, free stuff, and hand-made stuff.  Old bike, old and handmade clothes, old shoes, … worst of all OLD and free OFFICE SUPPLIES!

My mom didn’t waste money on new school supplies each year.  If any of the pens and pencils from the year before still worked, then we kiddos didn’t need new ones.  Period.  My pencil case was chock full of mechanical pencils, mismatching highlighters, and whatever pen was swiped from the doctors office.  (My favorite pens included Viagra, Claritin, and Flonase…).  To this day, my mom keeps a huge jar full of whatever random pen is “still good” and refers to this jar whenever anyone needs a writing utensil.

The one school supply that HAD to be purchased each year was paper.  After all, paper couldn’t be re-used.  This meant new notebooks!!  Each school year, I always had new notebooks.  Sometimes a new skinny notebook for each class.  Other years the coveted multi-subject notebooks were on sale, so we were able to get a big fat notebook.

Writing on the first page of a new notebook is still one of my favorite things.

Current Obsessions

Hobonichi Techo Planner — I’ve never had one before, but I’m obsessed with this!  The 2016 version comes out on sale early September and I’m going to order it as soon as I can.


Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook — If a 3 ring binder and a spiral notebook had a baby, it would be this disc notebook.  You can completely customize your inserts, so I this has been my planner until I order the Hobonichi.

notebook 2

Paper Mate Flair Pens — I have this multi-pack which means I have access to a rainbow of colors. I love the colors, the medium point, and how easy they are to write with!  They also help me color coordinate notes, journal entries, and schedules.


What are your favorite office Supplies?  

Are you a planner/notebook nerd too?  

What is your favorite type of pen?

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