Planning and Prepping

Planning and Prepping

Planning, huh!  what is it good for?

Over this summer, I planned a lot of my life out.  I planned meals.  I planned workouts.  I planned activities, tasks, errands, and work.  Talk about planning overload!

This week was spent mostly planning for the start of school and the kiddos to come back.

All this planning and organizing and prepping has made me reflect on whether or not planning is worth it.  After all, what is all this energy expended for?

Why do I go through the trouble of writing or typing out each and every detail of my day/class/meal plan/training plan?

I think it directly ties to my anxiety.

Anxious much?

I’m convinced that I’m genetically predisposed to stress.  Both of my parents are overly anxious and since I could remember I would get panic attacks.  My childhood and pre-teen years were plagued with sleep-walking and sleep talking, night terrors, and insomnia — all related to anxiety and stress.  What could possibly be troubling a pre-teen??

My anxiety spiraled a bit further into my adolescent years — to the point where I would panic until I cried which led to bouts of me hyperventilating…  Not good.

To cope, I would plan.

If I had a plan — detailed and organized — I wouldn’t have anxiety.  I would make lists, schedule on calendars and planners, organize with folders, label, highlight, color code — the works!

If I had a plan, I was in control.  If I was in control, I was okay — everything was okay.

Plan = Power

As an adult, I have the upperhand in my battle with anxiety.  I actively take my power back by planning.  This reminder of why I plan how far I’ve come is both comforting and humbling.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t rebel a little against my plan.  Switching from a Tuesday/Thursday running schedule to a Wednesday/Friday schedule is still a plan (safe) but the last minute switch is just brazen enough to satisfy my craving for flexibility.

Are you a planner?

How do you plan in your life?

What strategies do you use to cope with stress/anxiety/life?

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