Weight watchers weigh in

Weight watchers weigh in

As a long time user of weight watchers, I feel I know a lot about the program. I started using it three years ago on a free trial basis and within what felt like a few moments had lost over 50 pounds.
But counting points grew tedious and I longed for a change. Something more exciting! Flash forward to gaining back 20 of those demons due to floundering, fad diets, and stress eating.
Now I’m back to weight watchers for the very same reasons I started years ago — it’s doable, it’s flexible, it fits my lifestyle and it works.

Yesterday was week 1 back on track. All the running I’m doing is earning me gazillions of activity points which is awesome!

Results: -1 pound! A whole pound!!

That’s motivation to keep me going!

How did your week go?

What do you do to lose weight?

Do you have any tips or tricks for me?

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