Week 7 of Half Marathon training

Week 7 of Half Marathon training

Seven weeks!!  It’s almost race day!!!

Progress report

This weeks runs were a mix of indoor and outdoor with my longest run outside.
Here’s what I had scheduled for this week:
  • Tuesday –2 mile walk 2 mile run 2 mile walk — On treadmill at work.  Felt good!
  • Thursday – 3 miles easy.  This run felt REALLY good.  I was able to run out at a good pace without feeling exhausted.
  • Saturday – 11 mile long run at super easy pace.  I forced myself to run even slower than I could so I would focus solely on distance instead of speed/time.  This run took a lot out of me, but was SO encouraging!  I felt it in my body, but I was able to do it!! 😀

Goals for this week

  • Try to stay calm!  I’ve been freaking out about the 3.5 hour time limit, the rain, spending the night with a friend the night before, etc… YUCK
  • Stay focused on the goal — my goal is to finish!  Not in any set amount of time.  I’m just going to try my best and do what I can
How were your runs this week?
How is your training going?
Do you fuel and/or hydrate mid-run?

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