Weigh in Wednesday #2

Weigh in Wednesday #2

Why Weigh in Wednesday?

For the past few years, I’ve had at least one weigh in day a week.  This day has been Sunday for the longest time.  For Weight Watchers, weigh in day meant a complete resetting of the weekly activity and bonus points.  Weigh in day for me is synonymous with renewal and restart.  A chance to see where I’m at progress wise.  A chance to see what I have to change for the upcoming week and what went well that I should continue doing.

Having my weigh in day on the weekend meant starting the week fresh.  It also meant that I would over do it almost every weekend — why not, right?  I mean the weekly points “start over” anyway?

This was a problem for me.  Every weekend was the same — instead of using it as a time to focus and plan for the week, I was carefree and would eat way too much!

So I decided to make the change.  Instead of weighing in on Sunday morning, I now weigh in on Wednesday morning — first thing.

At this point, the change meant something to look forward to mid-week as well as a way to stay on plan during the weekends.

How’d it go?

This week, my second week back on weight watchers full throttle, was not perfect.  Not that it had to be… but I definitely try.  I was obsessed with bagels and cream cheese this whole week and had one for breakfast nearly every day.  This was both good (consistency) and bad (lots of points!), so I decided to switch things up to a lighter option — a Frittata with Broccoli and Cheese… Half the points and has more protein and fiber.

I also, due to my half marathon training, ran 18 miles this week… so I earned  LOTS of activity points :D.

By the end of the day yesterday, I was seriously craving Wendy’s, so I decided to treat myself!  I over did it a bit, but that meant I was too full for dinner so it evened out a bit.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so what did the scale say?  Down 2.2 pounds!!  I was so excited I weighed myself four times!!

Keeping the Momentum

Success breeds success!  I want to use the success of this week and turn it into more success!

What worked:

  • Eating at home!
  • Planning meals in advance
  • Consistent breakfasts
  • Running regularly!

What needs to be changed:

  • Giving into cravings! — Just because I really really really really really wanted Wendy’s, doesn’t mean I should have it!

How did your week go?

Did you lose/gain?  How much?

What are you keeping/changing for this week?

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