What’s next?

What’s next?

The huge rush of excitement that I feel race day is weirdly followed by a feeling of emptiness.  

Like the day after Christmas… School is still out, but all the presents are opened.  The day you waited for all year is done and now you’re stuck eating leftovers considering the rest of your year…

That’s where I’ve been all week. In a head space of “now what?”  

I figured it out!  

I will be running a full marathon on a March 3rd!!!  

This means I can start training Monday and will have 25 weeks of training broken into several phases. 

 With each phase, there will be a slightly different emphasis — where major mileage building will come closer to the end.  
This will give my legs a bit of a break while I really focus on cross training and weight lifting to strengthen all over. 
What do you normally feel like after a long awaited race?

What’s your training plan?

What’s your favorite workout for cross training or weight lifting? 

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