Cross Fit Day 1

Cross Fit Day 1

CrossFit and Running… do they mix?

Well I’m here to find out!

For my training cycle, I’ll be incorporating two days per week of Cross Training and/or Strength Training.  I need to get stronger and leaner if I’m going to make it the full 26.2!!

A great friend of mine is an avid CrossFitter — (is there any other kind?) — and she’s shown me a few things and created a few workouts for me to try.  Between her and my own research (… Pinterest…), I’ll be sweating it in between training runs.

Yesterday was day 1 and here’s what I did — I had to start slow because I’m OUT OF SHAPE!! (As out of shape as you can be and still complete a Half Marathon…)

Beginners Workout

Complete each exercise for 1 minute, followed by a max of 1 minute rest.  Complete 2 rounds for a total of 20 minutes

  • Sit ups
  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Lunges
  • High Plank Hold OR Forearm Plank Hold

How’d it go?

At the time, I was super proud that it seemed easy — like no great effort to complete each move and the minutes just flew by!!  I wanted to do more and push further, but I was encouraged to take it really easy the first few workouts until I can see what my limits are.

Boy am I thankful that I followed this advice!

My legs HURT today!  In places that I didn’t know existed!

What’s on the Docket for Today?

Today on my schedule I have an easy run — the first run since the Half Marathon over a week ago.  I was told to do either 15 or 30 minutes and with they way my legs feel, I’m going to take it easy with the 15 minute run.

My number one priority (besides completing the Full Marathon in March) is to avoid injuries!  So “easy does it” will be my motto for the next 25 weeks!

Do you have any CrossFit stories or Workouts you’d like to share?  

How do you cross train or strength train for marathon prep?

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