Rough week

Rough week

Not going to lie, this week was tough! Rough! And ugly!

The plan

Eating – weight watchers

Running – two 30 min runs, one 3 mile long run

Cross training – crossfit, plyometrics, Zumba!

The reality

Eating – all over the place

Running – all over the place! One 15 min run, one 15 min run and 15 min walk/run… And that’s it for the week!!

Cross training – crossfit, plyometrics, Zumba, and then so much pain and stiffness that I was stressing!!

What happened?

The week started off with stiffness and a terrible lack of will. I just didn’t want to! I’ve written before about battling the I don’t want to’s– but I feel like this week I just couldn’t win. 

I wanted to eat anything and everything in sight. I wanted fast food, junk food, and anything cheesey. I didn’t want to cook, didn’t want to wake up, and didn’t want to run or workout. 

It felt like every single decision was a huge battle of wills!!  
Why do I get in these ruts? I know weight watchers works for me, but I’m so against any sort of rigidity right now. I want to eat to fuel my body and stop the diet mindset that some foods are “good” while others are “bad”. I don’t want to have to constantly worry about what to eat and when to eat because I lose weight best when I’m in auto pilot. 
When’s decisions are easy, I don’t stress about calories or points and I can focus on how my body feels. I think this is especially important in my marathon training cycle because my goal is to finish without injury. 
I have to practice understanding what works for my body and what doesn’t. I have to become a better listener and caregiver to myself. But this will not happen instantly. 

Scale bail!

I step on the scale after what I know was a rough week. Immediately I wanted to bail on my intuitive eating plan! I wanted to count calories or do weight watchers or anything to shed weight fast!! 

So I consulted my hubby and he reminded me to relax and that I didn’t really run at all. He said, very lovingly, that I just need to, ” chill and move that doopa!”  

I love him…. What good advice. 

I’m making that my goal for this week. “Chill and move that doopa!!”

 Focus on my runs, stretching & strengthening, and listening to my body’s signals. 
To help with the food binging– I’m also going to incorporate MORE food into my plan — veggies/fruits at every meal and start with lots of water to flush out any ickiness and rehydrate my cells. 

How did your week go?

How do you recover from a bad week?

Do you find intuitive eating difficult?

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