Fire ants!!

Fire ants!!

This mornings run was scheduled as a 35 minute easy run. 

With all my struggles lately, I was apprehensive and wanted to really listen to my body. 

Three minutes into my warmup walk, I felt the tightness in my calves and thought I should stop and stretch… So with the help of a beautiful big tree I got to stretching. 

Then I noticed them. A river of fire ants weaving around the bark of the tree winding all the way up and down. It was already too late and as I fled from the tree brushing the little demons off I could already feel the burning stinging bites around my ankles and legs. 

Undeterred I completed my run. As usual the first thirty minutes were a constant struggle between my will power and my lack of self confidence. After all, just because I’ve run for over three hours without stopping doesn’t mean I can run an easy 35… Or does it?  

But then, for the last 5 minutes or so, my body just settled in and loosened up.  And running was… Fun…  Gosh. 
It’s the last five minutes that keep me coming back for more.  
Back home I’m noticing the massive swelling from the bites and the pain and itchiness is already setting in.  Going to be a long day. 
How do you treat fire ant bites?

How was your last run?

Do you ever have those moments during your run that make it all better?

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