Treadmill run & the wrong coffee…

Treadmill run & the wrong coffee…

Just a quick note about the luxury of treadmill runs.

I was able to get in about 2 miles today — even though it was raining and gross out — and I had a fan the whole time.  It was amazing.

FAN + Treadmill = No sweat for this chubby runner girl!  😀

This equation is great, especially since I was at work and see colleagues!

Now for a quick rant

There is NOTHING I hate MORE than when STARBUCKS or any other coffee place gets my order WRONG!

Today, I wait in a super long line patiently.  I smile when it’s my turn and order politely — thanking the little barista as she rings up my order.  At this point, I shift to the end of another long line, this time to wait for my order to be ready.  Finally, after what feels like an eternity, my name is called and I can wrap my hands around my prize!

Feeling the cup is far too hot for a quick taste — I walk out of the store and wait patiently so as to not burn my flesh.

After I return home, I brave a sip — only to discover that my CHAI LATTE is just a plain unsweetened espresso… NOT EVEN CLOSE!!


So bad

So awful


How do you handle runs on rainy days?  

Have you ever had Starbucks destroy your dreams like they did to mine today?

How do you cope?

2 thoughts on “Treadmill run & the wrong coffee…

  1. Ugh a coffee place I went to every day in Mexico once got my order horrifically wrong like 3 times. As they were making it I could literally see them doing it wrong. I had to explain like 3 times to the barista what I wanted, and he got so defensive! I never went back to that place, more out of sheer embarrassment that I’d had to complain so many times!

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