Week 2 of Marathon Training

Week 2 of Marathon Training

This week’s Workouts

Monday — Walk/stretch/XT

Tuesday — 20-35 min run

Wednesday — Walk/stretch/XT

Thursday — 20-35 min run

Friday — Off/Stretch

Saturday — 4 mile run

Sunday — OFF

How did it go?

Monday — Walked/stretched

Tuesday — 35 min run outside, overcast/cloudy 65 degrees, Lovely run!

Wednesday — Stretched

Thursday — 20 min run inside on treadmill, bored, wanted it to be over…

Friday — OFF

Saturday — 4 miles, drizzly/misty, 65 degrees & cloudy — Listened to podcasts and had an amazing run!

Sunday — OFF

This week’s eating plan

Saw this youtube video which is a Ted talk about intuitive eating…

Intuitive eating:

  • Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full —
  • Nothing is off limits — eat what brings you joy
  • Eat mindfully with limited distractions
  • Enjoy each and every bite

How did it go?

Physically — Down 1.4 pounds (maybe even more) from last week.  More in touch with body’s needs.  Getting to know what hunger feels like, what fullness feels like, and how uncomfortable it is to be too fully or to have indigestion from eating too fast.

Mentally — So relaxed!  Not thinking about food every minute of every day.  Honoring myself, my body’s changing needs, and my hunger.  Not constantly reprimanding myself about “good” or “bad” choices — food is food… some will recharge me and fulfill me better than others, sure, but that doesn’t make them bad… Emotionally an apple can be as emotionally fulfilling as an apple pie and my body knows the difference.

How did your week go?

 What eating rules do you make yourself?  

Are you in touch with your body’s needs?

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