Rained Out

Rained Out

The eastern seaboard of the US is being hit by hurricane Joaquin.  Even here in my little town — far from the beaches — we are feeling the effects.  It has literally rained every day this week.  This crazy weather has flooded our streets, broken tree branches, and caused all around chaos with my running plan.

Normally, I try to run outdoors as much as possible and sprinkle in a few treadmill runs whenever it feels right.  This makes running on the treadmill, something that is normally a bit like slow torture, bearable — since it feels like a treat.  Unfortunately, when I have to run inside, it’s like the worst thing ever.  Each minute feels like an hour, each mile a marathon — not enjoyable.

To spare myself from 5 miles of unbearable boredom today, I’m deciding to diversify instead.  I will be using my very small in home gym (i.e. adjustable barbells and a yoga mat) to complete a CrossFit WOD instead.

This will give me a bit of cardio, a bit of strength, and then at the end I will stretch stretch stretch.

What do you do when it’s raining?
What do you do if it won’t stop pouring?

What type of indoor workouts keep you sane?

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