Week 3 & 4 of Marathon Training

Week 3 & 4 of Marathon Training


The last two weeks have been just been “BLAH”!  I’m sure you were probably able to tell this from the last few posts.  My runs have been a mix of good and bad.  My moods have been a mix of highs and lows.  Enough excuses… here’s how the weeks went

Week 3 Planned//Actual

Monday — Cross Train // Rested

Tuesday — 25 min run // OFF

Wednesday — XT // OFF

Thursday — 25 min run // Ran 38 mins

Friday — OFF//OFF

Saturday — 5 miles // OFF

Sunday — OFF//OFF

Week 4 Planned //Actual

Monday — Cross Train // Yoga

Tuesday — 30 min run // Ran for 25 mins

Wednesday — XT // Stretching + REST

Thursday — 30 min run // Ran 27 mins

Friday — OFF//OFF

Saturday — 3 miles // OFF

Sunday — OFF//3 miles easy + 0.6 mile walk

How am I feeling

After the tragic loss of a family member, running seemed impossible (notice Week 3).  But the more that time passes, the more life is returning to normal (week 4).

My body feels fine — I’m actually acclimating to the new shoes, remember to stretch a bit more, and eating what feels good and makes me feel good.

Goals for Week 5

  • Fidelity to training plan – 100%
  • Listening to my body –  (i.e. — sleep when tired, eat when hungry, stop when full, stretch and recover when sore…)
  • New goal  —  read a physical book.

What are you goals this week?

 How did last week’s training go for you?  

How do you bounce back after a sad/tragic/stressful life event?

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