New Plan

New Plan

If you’ve been following my blog,  you’ll have noticed that the last few weeks have been pretty quiet on my end.  I’ve dropped out of the blog-osphere to address some issues at work, church, and at home — but am now back!

The same issues have caused a small break in my training — so I’ve had to adjust and change up my 25 week Marathon plan to an 18 week Marathon plan — From PopSugar that I found on Pinterest!

Marathon Training Plan

This plan is a bit more aggressive than the last plan (which had gentler phases) but it’s what I need to get to Finish!

As per normal — I will have to probably adjust/readjust and tweak to make this fit.  My goal is the same — an injury free run to the finish line without stopping for walking breaks.
Completing my half marathon definitely gave me a positive outlook on this new challenge– it was tiring but didn’t destroy me!!

Stay tuned!!

What do you do when life clashes with training?

How you keep everything in balance?  

How do you find the time or make the time for training?

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