Marathon Training Week ZERO — Preparation Week

Marathon Training Week ZERO — Preparation Week

Due to the switch/change in my marathon training plan, last week became a “prep week” or a “week 0” — a week where there was no actual formal training happening, but I still ran.

I decided I would keep the mileage low to save for later in the training cycle.  Here’s how it went:

Monday — Foam roll

Tuesday — Ran 2.24 miles at a super easy pace

Wednesday — stretch

Thursday — OFF due to weather

Friday — OFF due to weather

Sunday — .97 miles due to weather (downpour mid run!)

Well I’m thankful this was week 0 — because it was poopy!  Didn’t get mileage in due to life and weather — I’m really thankful that next week will be better!!

How were your runs this week?  

Do you ever have weeks like this, where nothing goes as planned?  

Do you run in the rain? (If so, tips please!)

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