Tuesday Treat Day #1

Tuesday Treat Day #1

This Tuesday treat day is the start of something official — I’m going to have a treat day every Tuesday of my marathon training cycle — to keep my spirits up and to reward my hard work.  Some of these treats will be free (self care, nap, meditate, relax, etc…) and some of these treats will cost a small amount of money but nothing too wild.

The last few Tuesday Treat Days went along almost unnoticed — I have been alternating self care (skin brushing, meditations, naps) and going to the nail salon and getting Gel Manicures.  If you’re prone to breaking your nails or chipping nail polish, gel is for you!

It literally will last 2 weeks or more and I am HARD on my nails…  I make my nails suffer through all of the following and more…

  • I do dishes by hand (no dishwasher :(… )
  • I am constantly digging through boxes, bins, drawers, etc… at work
  • I type NON-STOP
  • I scratch my dog — he loves it
  • I pull weeds in the garden
  • I fight with the copier and printers at my work daily
  • I cook!  (Love trying new recipes from scratch! — Leave me some in the comments/replies if you have a great one to try!)
  • I lift/workout — dumbbells, barbells, kettle-bells, burpees, pushups, … this polish will last!

Last Tuesday, I went in for my manicure and decided on a beige-grey color that I’m loving!  It’s so perfect for the gloomy rainy fall weather we’ve been having!

This Tuesday, I decided on a Starbucks Flat White — which is a must try if you’ve never had it.  It’s super rich, frothy, foamy, strong espresso drink that feels so decadent.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.07.49 PM
Tall Flat White with 2% 140 Calories
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.07.18 PM
Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte with 2% w/Whip – 300 Calories w/o Whip – 240 Calories

The top layer of milky foam is so light and micro-foamy that it feels like whipped cream.  I got a tall with 2% milk which only set me back about 140 calories — which is just right for a treat.  Compared to my old Fall favorite, a tall pumpkin spice latte with 2% milk, which has over twice the calories of the Flat White — 300.  Even if you skip the whipped cream (which is arguably the best part) it’ll still clock in at 240 calories.

So for this treat Tuesday, I saved 100 calories and still felt like I was treating myself… yum!

What will you do to treat yourself?  

How often do you remember to re-center and re-focus during your training?  

Do bigger rewards work for you or smaller more regular ones?

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