What to Eat Wednesday #1

What to Eat Wednesday #1

In the spirit of weekly posts, I’ve decided to start a new tradition — What to Eat (or in some cases, What I ate) Wednesday.

Nutrition is such a huge part of my training and it’s arguably one of the weakest points.  To combat this, i want to dedicate a day a week (if not more) of my training cycle to focusing on food and nutrition.  I’ll be doing research and adding things to my diet or routine, then I’ll see if it makes a difference at the end.

Recently, I had a doctor’s appointment where I discussed nutrition with my G.P.  After answering a bunch of questions about what I normally eat, what I drink, how often I eat out, etc… I was given a short list of small tweaks to start thinking about to take my nutrition (and health) to the next level.

The first item on my list was vitamins — in the form of daily vitamin supplements.  Below you see my very old pill sorter thingy that I got ages ago at my local pharmacy.  In the past, I’ve had difficulty taking vitamins — they would make me burp yucky burps, or feel nauseous, etc… So I’ve experimented with several brands and found that Gummy once a day type work best, but in a pinch these large red once per days work with food.

Besides a once a day multivitamin, there are two little supplements that I’ve added — Folic Acid and Biotin — for my skin, hair, nails, and to ensure that if I ever decided to have kids, I wouldn’t be deficient in Folic Acid.  It’s always a good idea to plan ahead.  My doctor says that any woman of child bearing age should make this a habit.

When this picture was taken, I still had to take my daily dose.  I’ve been experimenting with time of day — first thing with breakfast, with lunch, or with dinner — Today I’m testing to see if evening with dinner works ok.  So far I know that morning with breakfast only works when my breakfast is pretty substantial (more than toast and fruit).

What’s your nutritional focus this week?  

What are you eating regularly?  

Are you introducing any new habits?

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