Just for Fun Friday #1

Just for Fun Friday #1


I was exploring various aspects of Youtube the other day and stumbled across this hilarious Canadian couple — Simon and Martina — who moved to Korea and have lived there for nearly a decade.  Their Youtube Channel hosts a collection of videos that capture life and eating in Korea – -amongst other things.Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.27.32 AM

Their dog — Spudgy — looks just like my dog Henry!!!  Isn’t his little cartoon character cute?

After watching far too many of their food videos, I was seriously craving some great Kimchi Jjigae and dumplings and rice and all of the food!!  Hubby sympathized with me and planned a trip to our local (45 + min away) Korean hot spot.  The plan was to have lunch, go shopping, and get full!  Gotta love the hubby!

For this Just for Fun Friday — I challenge you to either:

(1) Try some Korean foods if you live near a Korean restaurant — If you don’t do spicy, order Bulgogi (Marinated beef) — You’ll thank me later.  OR

(2) Check out some of the “food porn” on the EatYourKimchi Youtube channel — then find a Korean restaurant or store near you!

What will you do Just for Fun today?  

Do you follow any Youtube channels?  If so, please share!  I’m late on the Youtube game and am in need of some recommendations!

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