Tuesday Treat Day #2

Tuesday Treat Day #2

This week’s Treat:

Treats don’t always have to cost money — This week’s treat is one that is totally free and easily accessible — a LIBRARY BOOK!  Not an e-book, not a magazine, not a blog post, not a newspaper article — a real, actual, low-tech book!


My husband and I want to read more, instead of vegging out in front of the TV and binge watching Neftlix all the time.  It’s an approach we’re taking to our life — out with the junk, in with the good stuff.  This means less junk food and more quality food, less junk time and more quality time, and less junk entertainment and more quality entertainment.  This means reading more quality books and reading less junk (like endlessly scrolling through social media).

With “reading more” as our goal, the first step is to find the time to read!  With holiday break coming up, I figured it was the perfect time to carry around a book to read!

My pick:

This book, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, is my first choice.  I did a tiny bit of researched to find authors related to my recent favorite – Malcolm Gladwell.  I have his works, David and Goliath, Outliers, and Tipping Point on audiobook on my Ipod that I listen to during long runs.  Supposedly, Daniel Kahneman — a Nobel Prize winner in Economics.

Here’s the “back of the book” which the library by me pastes inside the front cover.  

Other Treats for today:

Maybe Starbucks, running indoors instead of the rain, and a nap??

Definite treat– nails!!

What’s your treat this week?  

Who’s your favorite author?  

What are you reading now?

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