Thirsty Thursday #2

Thirsty Thursday #2

Hydrate!  It’s Important

For today’s Thirsty Thursday, I’ve researched why proper hydration is so darn important.  Turns out, there are medical reasons, not just sports performance reasons!  SHOCK!  Here’s the article that I found and will be referencing throughout.

Your body is made up mostly of water.  On a microscopic level, water is the medium through which cells move, remove waste, process bodily functions, and lubricate joints and themselves.  If you’re dehydrated you’ll feel it!  Symptoms include little to no urine, dry mouth, headache, confusion, dizziness, and sometimes (like with me) nausea.

If you are already sick with fever or are throwing up, it’s extra important to remember to hydrate — because you’re at higher risk for dehydration.  Same for those exercising, pregnant, or trying to lose weight — so basically everyone ever.

Ok, it’s important — now what?

Drink!!  The article recommends 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day or what is reasonable for your situation.  If you’re a fan of the 21 day fix, you’ll remember that the program recommends half your weight in ounces (so 80 ounces for a 160lb person — that’s 10 eight ounce glasses).

The good news is, you can spice up your water by adding things like fruit, mint, or even a mix of both.  Strawberry slices with mint leaves is banging!

You can also change up what you’re drinking entirely and opt for a fruit and vegetable juices, milk, tea, or coffee.  Even some caffeinated drinks can contribute to your overall hydration — but be aware since these come with a caloric price tag.

Eating soups, veggies, and fruits will keep you moist and is a great “cheat” for those of us that can’t fathom drinking constantly throughout the day.

Random Childhood story

When I was young — maybe 4 or 5 — I was really sick.  Throwing up, dizzy, super sleepy, and crazy nauseous.  I couldn’t keep anything down and my head was burning up with fever.  Turns out, I was super dehydrated.  My parents had to take me to the ER, in the middle of the night, where they strapped my arms down to a board and put in an IV of fluids.

Once I was in the ER, I don’t really remember much besides waking up and seeing my arms strapped down and calling out for my dad and him not being there.  I panicked and called louder and louder until he came running, red eyes strained with worry and fatigue.  He had literally just stepped out to grab some coffee and use the restroom but had been basically by my side all day.  He felt so bad that I woke when he wasn’t there, that even though I fell back asleep he wouldn’t leave again.

My mom had to stay home with my sister and little baby brother (who wasn’t even walking yet) — but I could only imagine how scary it was for her.  Before my dad took me to the ER, I remember my mom was super mad.  They were 20 somethings with three kids and to think of an ER bill on top of what I’m sure were stretched resources… *shudder*  poor thing.

My biggest take away, growing up Point Five Korean, was to drink drink drink after that.  I was terrified that (1) I would get strapped into a bed with a HUGE needle in my arm again and (2) my Korean Mom would be ULTRA PISSED if I was responsible for another ER bill…

Another random fact from this memory — I got to wear my pink fuzzy slippers to the ER and hold a plastic shopping bag in case of car-vomit.  Even though I’m sure it looked super bad — I felt basically like a rockstar.  BOOM Pink fuzzy slippers… what you got?  lol!   ^_^

How do you stay hydrated?  

What’s your favorite drink?  

Do you have any childhood dehydration/hydration stories??? Please tell me I’m not alone :-/

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