Just for Fun Friday #2

Just for Fun Friday #2

Here’s a “Just for Fun Friday” fact for you–not all Kim (seaweed dried into sheets) is the same.

I’ve tried several types, some Korean and some not and I have to say Korean seaweed is the best!  (Not at all bias…)

Korean Kim just seems flakier and crispier and it’s seasoned so it has a burst of flavor and texture in your mouth while you chew it. Other seaweed sheets are tough and flavorless. (I’m looking at you Japanese nori…)
This brand, aptly named A+ Kim, is the bees knees — and makes these cute individual packs.

Random Childhood story

When I was little, my mom would sometimes make us Kimbap — Rice rolled up in seaweed sheets with eggs and veggies, and then sliced into little disks of heaven.  Sometime she would make a dipping sauce with soy sauce and hot pepper flakes —  It was the BOMB!


Sometimes, when I was feeling ravenous and impatient — my mom wouldn’t even go through the added trouble of cutting the Kimbap — so she’d make a roll up for each one of us kids and we’d walk around outside chewing on our snack.

rice supply

There used to be a Korean Market right near our house, a long time ago — when I was maybe 4 or 5.  My mom was friends with the owner/operator so we’d get to go in the back — where there was a break room/living quarters complete with a fridge, cabinets, and a stove/oven.  On the other side of this massive supply/break room there were huge pallets of bagged rice.

We’d climb all over them and while we were playing, my mom and her friend would fry up some eggs to make us Kimbap.  Once they fixed this snack, they’d bring us over our plates and we could eat them right there on top of Mt Rice Bag…  It was beyond cool.

Sometimes when I see Kimbap at the market registers, I think of climbing those bags of rice and the crazy fun we’d have imaging we were scaling a tower to take over a castle, or that we’d be the first Point-Five-Koreans to reach the peak of a huge mountain.  Such fun!

For this Just for Fun Friday — I challenge you to either:

(1) Try some Korean Kim!  You can find it on amazon or go for the A+ KIM from a local Asian Market near you

(2) Recall a favorite game you used to play as a kid — the more you used your imagination, the better!  Share with a comment/reply.

What will you do Just for Fun today?  

Do you ever get random flashbacks triggered by something you see, eat, or smell?

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