Marathon Monday #3

Marathon Monday #3

I’m Back!


The last two months have clearly been a struggle — but last night I had a three mile run… and I FELT AMAZING!  I kept reminding myself that the first mile is the hardest — and that the first two weeks coming back to full training are the toughest…

My mental game was on point — my nutrition was balanced — and I felt so great!!

Week of Training Planned//Actual

Monday — Foam Roll // Rested

Tuesday — 2 Miles // OFF

Wednesday — Yoga // OFF

Thursday — 2 Miles // Ran 2.02 miles — with walk breaks and 3 quarter mile sprint repeats

Friday — Prehab and Stretch//OFF

Saturday — 3 miles // OFF

Sunday — OFF// 3 miles at conversational pace

How it felt

My body feels great, but tight.  I need to remember to stretch and not push too hard.

The long run on Sunday night was by far the best feeling run — it was cold and overcast, so I wasn’t sweating as much as I used to.  After the first mile or so, my body just felt right.  I remembered all the reasons why I run and forgot all the negative or doubty thoughts I had been having.

I visualized crossing the finish line of my half marathon and how it would feel to cross the finish line of my marathon.  I kept my brain on my goals — not on my fears.  It makes such a difference!

Goals for Next Week

  • Fidelity to training plan – 100%
  • Listening to my body –  (i.e. — sleep when tired, eat when hungry, stop when full, stretch and recover when sore…)
  • New goal  —  read a chapter of my book per week.

What are you goals this week?

How did last week’s training go for you?  

How do you stay motivated throughout training?

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