Tuesday Treat Day #3

Tuesday Treat Day #3

This week’s Treat

Dry Skin Brushing!!!!

skin brush


You might be thinking — how is this a treat??  Taking time out of our busy lives to pamper/care for ourselves shouldn’t be reserved just for treat days, but like many of you — I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to take care of myself!

I have to remind myself, with Treat Days, that I’m important!  If I’m not well taken care of, then I can’t take care of others well!  This treat also is completely free (once you have the proper brush).

Skin Brushing

Skin brushing relates to the practice of exfoliating by using a brush (like the one pictured above) on dry skin in circular motions.  It’s best to start from the furthest points from your heart and work your way in (to promote circulation).

Here’s what I do:

  • Starting with the tops of my feet, using a dry brush on dry skin, I lightly brush the skin in circular motions
  • I then slowly moving up to the ankles and then legs
  • Once I’ve finished brushing each leg, I start with my fingertips/hands and work my way to my shoulders
  • Then I finish with my torso making sure to use light circular motions.

I usually follow skin brushing with either a shower or by moisturizing my skin… but do whatever feels right for you.

Skin Brushing Benefits

  1. Exfoliation —  Whenever I skin brush, it’s like a snowfall in my bathroom!  So much dry skin!  So many flakes!
  2. Increase circulation — you’ll feel your skin come to life as you brush it!!
  3. Stress relief — play some relaxing spa-like music, light some candles, relax!  Skin brushing can be meditative and can help reduce tension and relieve stress
  4. Reduce cellulite — not sure I believe this one, but in this article they claim the increase in circulation/stimulation can help break up the fatty deposits that cause my cottage cheese thighs!  Hey, why not!
  5. It feels good!!  It’s like scratching an itch that you didn’t know you had — in a place that you couldn’t otherwise reach!  This is especially true of my back — I have super dry skin and the brush I use has a really long handle so I can reach every inch of my super dry flakey back!  (sorry for the gross overshare…)

What are some other treats that I should indulge in?  

Have you every tried skin brushing?  

If so, do you see any improvement in  your skin or cellulite like the article linked above claims?

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