Marathon Monday #4

Marathon Monday #4


Week of Training Planned//Actual

Monday — Foam Roll // Rested

Tuesday — 2 Miles // Rained out — Weight Lifted Instead

Wednesday — Yoga // OFF

Thursday — 2 Miles // Rained out — stretched instead

Friday — Prehab and Stretch// Weight Lifted & Stretched

Saturday — 3 miles // 3 miles

Sunday — OFF// OFF

Torrential downpours this week, left me washed out.  Stiff/sore muscles left me stretching and resting instead of pushing it too much.

How it felt

The weight lifting workouts I included this week were not intense.  In the past they were “recovery” workouts — to keep my muscles moving without pushing it…

Tuesday was a wakeup call!  I’m out of shape!!

What was once almost a joke — because it was so easy — was actually really challenging and left me feeling it for days…  By Friday, I was still feeling the burn, sort to speak.


Goals for Next Week

  • Fidelity to training plan!!!!!!!
  • Nutrition — eat like an athlete!
  • New goal  —  read a chapter of my book per week.

What are you goals this week?

How did last week’s training go for you?  

How do you stay motivated throughout training?

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